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Go bananas with PlayStation Move Ape Escape this summer

Submitted by on Thursday, 10 March 20112 Comments

Everyone loves catching their favorite crazy monkeys from the Ape Escape franchise and now you’ll be able to do so with the help of the PlayStation Move this summer.

If you recall, Ape Escape on the Move debuted in Japan and other Asian territories late last year. The game has been given an international makeover and will be coming to both North America and Europe this summer. Are you prepared to go on an ape hunt?

Unlike previous Ape Escapes, the game plays out like an on-rail shooter as you travel across 15 levels capturing apes with your trusty Move controller. Once again, Specter is the monkey mastermind behind this escape attempt and it’s your job to get all 500 of them back in their cages.

With the Move, you’ll be able to use a variety of different weapons such as a banana zapper, a giant net, a powerful smasher and other awesome gadgets that will require you to get creative with the motion controls.

In addition, there are three mini-games that utilize the Move; Tag Rally, Slingsnipe! and Sprayzer Defense Force. Check out the trailer below to see our furry little friends in action.

Currently the game is scheduled for a PSN release in North America this summer and a Blu-ray retail release in Europe this June. No word on pricing as of now.

It’s been a while since we last saw an Ape Escape title outside of Japan so it’s nice to see the franchise still going strong and the PlayStation Move seems to be a perfect fit for the game as well. Hopefully this party game will keep fans tide over until we get a more traditional sequel to the main games in the series.