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Red Faction: Armageddon to introduce ‘Ruin Mode’

Submitted by on Friday, 11 March 2011One Comment

THQ and Volition have never been shy about the destructible environments of the Red Faction series. In fact it’s one of the game’s main selling points.

For the upcoming Red Faction: Armageddon, the minds behind the red planets latest mining foray are further embracing demolition with the addition of ‘Ruin Mode’. The latest trailer demonstrates exactly what gamers can expect. Have a look.

Let’s face it, many of the hours you’ve logged in Red Faction have involved firing rockets and ammunition into key structure points of buildings. Why not create a mode that is centered around that very idea?

The premise of ‘Ruin Mode’ is to run about the game’s landscape tearing down everything in sight in a effort to rack up an impressive high score.

Upon choosing your weapons, you’ll be thrust into the arena where you will do your best to wreak¬†havoc¬†like a violent tornado. Multipliers are acquired by way of chained together explosions. Foresight and strategy will net the highest scores here friends.

In the competitive Challenge mode players will compete for the top spots on the leaderboards.

For gamers that wish to destroy things free from the pressures of competition, there is also Free Play. Exploration and hidden areas are the name of the game here. No time limits to bog down your destructive creativity.

As far as gameplay additions go this one isn’t exactly set to break the mold but for fans of the series it is hard to be upset with anything that can add more enjoyment to the game.

What do you think of ‘Ruin Mode’? Does the idea of it ring unimaginative or do you expect ‘Ruin Mode’ to provide a substantial amount of extended gameplay?

Look for Red Faction: Armageddon to hit stores May 31 in the US and a few days later on June 3 in the UK.

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