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Shift 2 Unleashed – Come for the trailers, stay for the screenshots

Submitted by on Saturday, 12 March 2011One Comment

In the past six months racing fans have seen Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Test Drive Unlimited 2, and the long awaited Gran Turismo 5. With a lineup like that one wonders exactly what Shift 2 Unleashed could have to offer that differentiates it from the pack.

Perhaps these trailers and the plethora of hi-res screenshots will provide a greater understanding. After all you could use a new desktop wallpaper.

The last time we saw the Shift series it was still attached to the Need for Speed franchise. This time around EA has chosen to drop the ‘NFS’ monicker in an effort to further distance Shift Unleashed from Hot Pursuit.

Where Hot Pursuit celebrates excess, Shift 2 Unleashed will focus on a more realistic driving experience. This trailer is certainly evidence of that.

Along with increased realism comes a more gritty look at the world of racing. An emphasis has been placed on the dangers that drivers face every time they round the track.

What Batman Forever is to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit; Batman Begins is to Shift 2 Unleashed (not to take anything away from Hot Pursuit).


In Shift 2 Unleashed gamers will see a much larger array of cars (looking to be about 130).

Additionally, Slightly Mad Studios is instituting their newest advancement: the helmet cam. SupplementingĀ a fixed in-car view, players will be able to experience a more lifelike in-car experience. Momentum and g-forces will slightly alter the driver’s field of vision.

Realism will be the hallmark of Shift 2 Unleashed. Is there enough here to convince you to make room for another driving experience?

For more information on the game check out our hands-on preview.