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Stay classy, Brink – new trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 March 20114 Comments

Soldier. Medic. Engineer. Operative. In war, everyone has a role to play, and in Brink’s new trailer we can see how each class performs theirs.

There are few bigger advocates for class-based multiplayer than Splash Damage. It’s what the London-based developer does best. It served them well with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, and they’re confident it’ll serve them well again in Brink, their exciting new FPS set on the futuristic, eco-inspired, floating city of Ark.

There’s nothing radical here, with regards to the role each of the four classes perform. On a basic level, this is what they do: the solider takes out targets; the engineer supports by building turrets; the medic revives his fallen allies; and the operative uses cool tricks (e.g. going incognito) to get in behind to spot enemies. See them all in action in the new trailer (which you’ll find below).

The mission wheel is what keeps everyone focused on the job at hand. Press UP on the D-Pad and a wheel will pop-up, offering you a variety of objectives, many of which are tailored to your class. When you complete them you’ll be rewarded with XP.

Brink is built around the philosophy of teamwork. If you’re an engineer, you can upgrade your teammate’s weapon. Soldiers are encouraged to share ammo. Medics are obviously there to keep everyone alive, but being a medic in Brink isn’t a thankless task; there are VIP escort missions in the game designed with the sole purpose of allowing the medic to be the hero.

So between all of that, and the different body-types, the 50-odd different abilities, and the multiple weapon upgrades – Brink’s multiplayer is certain to be a rich and rewarding experience.

If you’d like learn more about Brink’s classes, upgrades and body-types, we’ve got you covered. Check out our epic interview with Brink’s creative director Richard Ham, in which he covers them all in great length.