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The world is ‘rich and fertile’, Kaos sees Homefront as a franchise

Submitted by on Thursday, 10 March 20115 Comments

Homefront will be landing in shops soon and, if all goes well, it’ll be the first of many. This is the hope of David Votypka, creative director and general manager of Kaos Studios, who thinks that Homefront’s “rich and fertile” world is perfect franchise material.

When Votypka refers to the “world of Homefront”, he means the concepts and grand ideas present in the game, and not so much the world itself. If you didn’t know, Homefront is set in the near future, in 2027, and much has changed. A united Korea has invaded and occupied the financially crippled USA, and it is up to you, as part of a resistance group, to play a role in the fightback.

Votypka is interested in this idea of a superpower unexpectedly falling, but he is especially attracted to the idea of defending something that is dear to you:

“We’ve always looked at it as a franchise, you know – assuming and hoping the game does well. That’s always been a goal to continue working and expanding it. The world of Homefront is so rich and fertile that there’s a lot of ideas to be done there, whether it is in America or somewhere else. The concept is defending something that’s yours, that’s dear to you. So I think that can apply to almost anybody, everybody really. Not just Americans. So we definitely look it as a franchise.”

There are a lot of places where Kaos could go with a sequel; however, we cannot see another game working within the same period of time, but there is nothing stopping a leap forward or back. A Homefront set in Britain, in an alternative past in which Britain had fallen to Germany during The Second World War could be interesting. If they go to the future, they can pretty much do as they please.

What situations would you like to see played out in a Homefront sequel?