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See 12 epic minutes of Battlefield 3 gameplay

Submitted by on Sunday, 17 April 20113 Comments

Rarely do we use words such as epic to describe things here on PS3 Attitude but but EA has recently released the full 12 minute trailer for Battlefield, and we must say it looks absolutely stunning.

As we told you yesterday, EA would release the trailer if one million people liked the official Battlefield Facebook page. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet but they released the trailer this weekend anyway. The producer’s commentary is still locked, so if you haven’t befriended the page yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a little over 150,000 likes away.

Now, about that gameplay trailer.

The full length “Fault Line” trailer includes full versions of the three previously released Fault Line videos following one American soldier in the heart of a war on the Iraq/Iran border. We won’t go into much detail about the trailer because we feel it’s something you should watch for yourself. Warning, it contains foul language so make sure any kids aren’t around when you watch it.

This 12 minutes is only but a taste of what’s to come, and if it’s any indication of how the rest of the game plays, we couldn’t be any more excited.

What are your thoughts on the trailer and Battlefield 3? Think it can take down the Call of Duty franchise? Let us know in the comments!