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Binary Domain gameplay trailer signifies that the machine age has begun

Submitted by on Friday, 29 April 2011One Comment

SEGA announced Binary Domain a while back; an I, Robot-esque third person shooter in which robots have evolved to the point of taking over humanity. The initial reveal trailer didn’t impress many with its ridiculous dialogue but nonetheless we remain interested. After all, can something from the creator of the Yakuza series be all that bad?

Today, SEGA released the first gameplay trailer for Binary Domain and already it’s looking more impressive than before. It looks as if the machine age has begun…

In the trailer we get the first glimpse of gameplay for the third person shooter. In a way, it looks very similar to Vanquish with it’s fast paced action and cover system. You and your squad will be up against various mechanical adversaries who want nothing more than to see you reduced to ashes.

According to the press release, “players must motivate and build trust with their team, adapt under pressure and make real time decisions.” The outcome of each mission and your team depends on these decisions so choose wisely.

Binary Domain is scheduled for an early 2012 release. Now that you’ve seen some actual gameplay, give us your thoughts on SEGA’s new robotic overlords.