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Brink – There’s no ‘I’ in team

Submitted by on Sunday, 10 April 20112 Comments

If you’re a fan of first-person shooters then you’ve likely tested your skills against your fellow gamer online. Yes unloading clips on relative strangers can be quite the fun time out.

For established developer Splash Damage however, Brink represents a revolution in the way players experience the online shooter. Don’t be left behind.

Whether you’re plowing through opposition forces in your nanosuit or ripping through the Helghast the vast majority of FPS gameplay is a Ramboesque adventure. The fate of the world/humanity is thrust upon your shoulders and you are well equipped to answer the call.

When you enter the online arena not much really changes. The word ‘team’ in ‘team deathmatch’ is just about as useless as a winter coat in hell. The only thing that teammates share is a score. Team strategy and working together are concepts which are very much absent from the experience.

Games like Grand Theft Auto IV (albeit third-person) and Team Fortress 2 have attempted to provide incentive for gamers to groupthink with moderate success.

Brink is a game based on unifying players in the online experience. This is the game’s sole focus. You can play Brink offline with bots at your side but that would be missing the point.

The expansive array of customization choices outside of the four available character classes (soldier, engineer, medic, operative) provide reason to tryout different character combinations which can aid your team in distinct ways.

Brink will not simply embrace the philosophy of team-based objectives, working together will be integral to success. Live together or die alone.

For a closer look at the game take a look at have a look at the game’s audio development and online functionality.

What are your thoughts on Brink? Do the promises of a more team-based online shooter experience interest you in the least?