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Want to be in an upcoming Catherine trailer? Prepare to answer some big questions

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 April 2011One Comment

Catherine is somewhat of a difficult game to describe. Some would call it a horror game while others would classify it more on the exotic end of the spectrum. Whatever you may think about Catherine, the game does have a heavy focus on love and relationships, and that is exactly what Atlus wants to know from you, the fans.

Atlus has three questions they’d like to know from you:

1) Do you want to get married?
2) If so, and you happen to be seeing someone at the moment, to them?
3) If not, why?

Those are some pretty heavy questions, are they not? All you have to do to enter the contest is make a video answering those three questions, either alone or even with your significant other if you have the guts to do so. Based on those questions, we should be in for one interesting trailer.

You have until April 22nd to get your video responses in. Full details of the contest can be found in the description of the video above.