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Chime Super Deluxe – The PS3 Attitude Review and Giveaway

Submitted by on Monday, 11 April 2011No Comment

Development studio Zoë Mode originally released Chime early last year, but unfortunately the game didn’t ever make its way to the PS3. Don’t worry though, because the PlayStation Network is now the exclusive home of the definitive version of the game, entitled Chime Super Deluxe – yes, good things truly do come to those who wait. Featuring extra levels, updated visuals, and a new multiplayer component, there’s never been a better time to try this game out.

Chime Super Deluxe is a music/puzzle hybrid game that takes elements of both Tetris and Lumines, to create a unique experience. The aim of Chime is to get at least 100% coverage across the matrix (the first level begins with a simple 16×32 square grid), which is achieved by creating blocks, called quads, of at least 3×3 squares. These quads are created by fitting shapes together, in a similar way to Tetris, but the shapes are all made up of five squares, rather than Tetris’ four.

Another big difference with Tetris is that you are free to place shapes wherever you want on the matrix, and they will remain there and not fall to the bottom, presenting you with far more opportunities to gain coverage and score more points. However, if you leave a shape idle for too long, then it will disappear, allowing you to fit new shapes there, but at the cost of losing your multiplier, which is needed for earning a high score.

Each level in the game has a uniquely shaped matrix, and includes different shapes (although they are all made up of five squares), with later levels including the more difficult-to-place shapes. Each level can be played in Free Mode (in which there is no time limit), or timed modes of 3, 6 or 9 minutes. However, if you play well, you will earn coverage bonuses and be rewarded with extra time, so it’s not uncommon for a good player to spend closer to ten minutes in a 3 minute game.

But where does Lumines fit in, you say? Well, the inclusion of a beat line adds a new element to the gameplay, as a quad can only become proper coverage once the beat line touches it. This will also set off samples in each song, as will the many shape fragments that will end up scattered across the matrix. Each ‘level’ in the game features one of the game’s ten songs, five of which are exclusive to Chime Super Deluxe, and all of which are awesome.

This is a very good thing, because, as addictive as the gameplay is, Chime is really all about the music. Special mentions should be made to Moby’s Ooh Yeah, Paul Hartnoll’s For Silence, and Shlomo’s The Looping Song, the latter of which can only be heard in Chime Super Deluxe. Having said that, all of the songs included in the game are fun to play and work incredibly well with the game’s mechanics (even if we’re not clever enough to work out exactly how it all works).

Chime’s visuals are probably best described as simple but effective. It’s hardly the standout aspect of the game, but it certainly gets the job done, and suits the game very well. The visuals have been improved since the original version, so it is now normally much easier to tell the difference between coverage and empty space (although you can always just press triangle, which reveals exactly which parts of the matrix are coverage and which are not.).

The multiplayer component is another new addition, exclusive to Chime Super Deluxe; all levels can be played in either co-op or versus multiplayer by 2-4 players. As you might expect, co-op plays a lot like the single player part of the game, but you are joined by up to three friends, making each level significantly easier. Conversely, versus has you competing for coverage, which adds a new element of strategy and competition to the game.

Chime was already dangerously addictive, and the new multiplayer modes can only make that even more so in Chime Super Deluxe. Unfortunately, both multiplayer modes are local only, but there are also online leaderboards recording each player’s best scores on all levels and across all timed modes. The game also keeps track of several other local statistics, such as your total overall score and your total score on each of the ten individual levels, which is a nice touch.

Chime Super Deluxe is an absolute must own for puzzle fans, including gamers who have played the original, as the new songs are well worth experiencing. Chime is the type of game that has almost infinite replay value, as you will constantly be getting better and achieving higher scores. There are also a number of challenging PlayStation Trophies that will easily keep you busy for hours – if you can get at least 100% coverage on all ten levels in 3 minute mode, you can consider yourself a Chime master!


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