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EA Sports revitalizes SSX

Submitted by on Tuesday, 19 April 20113 Comments

With the wide variety of snowboarding games to choose from, how can PS3 gamers be expected to separate SSX: Deadly Descents from the pack?

Luckily that’s wildly untrue and even if it was EA Sports is doing its damnedest to make sure they deliver a monumental, signature game.

The golden age, if you will, of snowboarding video games came and went with a blink of an eye. Games like Coolboarders and SSX were very popular but suddenly and quietly outlived their demand.

So why would EA choose to sink valuable resources into a genre that has already seen its best days? Because the tastes of the public are cyclical in nature.

Take movies for instance, how many times have you thought to yourself “That is the last time I get burned by a horrible disaster movie” only to find yourself back in your local theater watching John Cusack driving a car through a crumbling building a few months later?

Perhaps the development team would take umbrage with a comparison to cheesy end of the world movies but the theory remains the same.

The SSX franchise has never had a problem establishing its identity. These games are not bound by the limits of worldly physics or reality. Harsh conditions and extreme slopes are essentially the playground for your imagination. It doesn’t look like the philosophy has been altered in the least.

For SSX: Deadly Descents EA is focussed on providing players with a fluid, breathtaking ride down the world’s most eccentric locales. Instead of a nice day out on the sunny slopes of Colorado, you’ll have to traverse through the aftermath of an avalanche that has toyed with the landscape of the mountain range.

A release date has not yet been announced although gamers can reasonably expect a winter release window. Take a look at the concept art below and don’t forget to give us your impression of the game in the comments section.