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The first (very brief and painful looking) gameplay footage for Saints Row: The Third

Submitted by on Monday, 4 April 20112 Comments

Do not come to this post expecting to find a lengthy video, showing all the awesome things that can be done in Saints Row: The Third. You’ll be disappointed (it only shows one awesome thing).

THQ’s trailer is brief, very brief – about two actual seconds of gameplay brief – but it’s also very funny, if you don’t mind a bit of playground humour. It’s definitely worth a watch – it’s not like it’ll take up much of your day.

Those guys at THQ are very cruel teasers, but the video at least tells us that Volition are intending to continue down the wacky route, which suits us just fine. ┬áSaints Row is the perfect antidote for those who think Grand Theft Auto has become a bit too serious with age. Saints Row is a crude (bikini-clad-heroine crude) open-world game, which couldn’t take itself any less serious if it tried. It has lots of explosions and even some sky diving.

If the nutcracker video leaves you wanting more, GameInformer has an excellent batch of screenshots for you to view. You can view them from here.┬áVolition has been criticised in the past for not differentiating Stains Row enough from Grand Theft Auto in the past, but they’re determined to shake off that tag. If these screenshots are anything to go by, it looks as though Volition may well be successful.

So, any Saints Row fans in our midst? Anyone annoyed at THQ for being monumental teasers? Anyone actually find the trailer quite/very funny? Let us know below…

It has to be said, it was a cracking punch.