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Johnny Cage – still dirty after all these years

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 April 2011No Comment

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood stereotype, Johnny Cage, has been punching crotches since 1992. So it should come as no surprise that he’s sticking with the tried and true tactics that have been the source of his longevity.

The latest video released by Neatherrealm Studios shows Johnny being Johnny.

Okay so Cage may have a reputation as a cheap fighter and maybe it’s well deserved but let’s take a step back and consider his motivation.

This is Mortal Kombat. Anything goes. Basically a tournament is held to decide the fate of the world. There are lizard-men, robots, sorcerers, and giants with four arms to contend with. If Earth’s defenders are unsuccessful in this endeavor we’re screwed.

So if said lizard-man or giant stops spitting acid or mercilessly beating one of our combatants long enough to leave an opening why shouldn’t Johnny Cage take advantage? Take a minute to imagine life on earth if we lost the tournament. Enslaved by our newly minted leaders. The sun disappears behind a malevolent cloud of darkness. Buildings crumble, fear and hatred permeate the landscape and humans are sent scurrying to cower before our oppressive rulers.

Now think about how much you would care about Johnny Cage fighting dirty if he could avoid that grim future. Honor and a fair fight wouldn’t exactly be the number one priority.

Better yet, imagine how pissed you would be if Johnny Cage could of nailed Goro in the cubes but didn’t for fear of soiling his character and thus failed to save us all. Would anyone be more of a pariah than Cage? The brief moments in between slave labor and torture would be filled with endless hatred and second guessing of Johhny.

So you know what, if Johnny Cage needs to slip in a groin jab every once in a while to preserve life as we know it he should go right ahead and do so. Every punch to the nuts is a punch to the nuts for humanity.

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