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Portal 2 – Introducing the ‘Long Fall Boot’

Submitted by on Friday, 15 April 20112 Comments

You know what the worst part of falling from a great distance is? The end. The sudden and jarring splat of one’s body utterly ruins what would otherwise be a¬†wondrous jaunt.

Thankfully the minds at Aperture Laboratories have solved this unfortunate gravitational reality with the debut of the ‘long fall boot’.

Without the painful conclusion a tremendous plunge can be the most glorious experience of one’s life. As humans this is really the closest we can hope to come to flight.

For Portal 2 developer, Valve the absence of fall damage frees level designers from the burden of standard physical shortcomings. Meaning that gamers will not be limited to conventional problem solving.

In any event it will certainly be interesting to see what the talented people behind 2007’s sleeper hit can do with ability to withstand fall damage not to mention the development resources of a full retail release.

If you haven’t been paying attention lately you may be surprised to find out that Portal 2 is set to be released next week (April 19 in the US and April 22 in the UK).

Can Valve hope to repeat the duplicate of the original Portal?

For more information on Portal 2 check out Valve’s official video releases as well as our coverage of the game’s co-op gameplay footage.