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PS3A PlayTime – March 2011

Submitted by on Sunday, 3 April 20118 Comments

Yes, that’s right; back by popular demand is PS3 Attitude’s PlayTime, in which we reveal what we’ve been up to for the past month. From blockbuster titles to indie games, we’ve been tracking exactly what we’ve been playing throughout March because, believe it or not, we do play games as well as write about them! There’s been a huge amount of highly anticipated games released in the last few weeks, and we’ve played a fair few of them, so let’s get started.

Collectively, the game we’ve played most this month was Killzone 3, mostly due to Dolph’s indefatigable obsession with shooting Helghast (in 3D). Despite actually being released in February, Killzone 3 still managed to take the top spot, and successfully held off some fierce competition from March’s releases. Its incredible gameplay, class-leading online multiplayer and the best graphics on PS3 ensure we’ll still be playing it for months to come.

In at second is Dragon Age II, the awesome role-playing game from the talented folks at BioWare. Whilst it can’t quite compete with Mass Effect 2 or even, some would argue, Dragon Age: Origins, DAII is still a worthy sequel and should find a home on the shelf of any RPG fan. The updated graphics engine and revamped combat are great improvements, but it’s really worth playing for the story alone, which includes just as many twists and turns as its predecessor.

Coming in third (just) is Crysis 2, which was given the daunting task of meeting the internet’s hyped expectations, and somehow succeeded. With its unusual control scheme and unique style of gameplay, Crysis 2 is certainly an acquired taste, but is definitely worth getting for FPS fans who are bored of the usual Call of Duty clones. Whether it’s as good as Killzone 3 is a matter of opinion, but this is still a fantastic step up for the genre.

Other recent releases we’ve been playing in the last month include Bulletstorm, Homefront, MLB 11: The Show, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, PlayStation Move Heroes and The Tomb Raider Trilogy. We haven’t completely neglected older games either though, with Batman: Arkham Asylum and God of War III also getting some attention. Check out the graph and charts below to see what the PS3 Attitude team has been playing in greater detail.

But enough about us – what have you guys been playing?