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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City debut teaser

Submitted by on Sunday, 3 April 2011One Comment

Earlier this week Capcom confirmed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the next installment for the popular franchise. We were given details concerning the long rumored collaboration between Capcom and Slant Six Studios.

Well we think it’s high time everyone got a look at the game. Luckily this teaser was released.

We now know that we’ll be returning to Raccoon City circa Resident Evil 2 & 3. This time however gamers will be working for the ultra-shady Umbrella Corporation. Perhaps the direction can breathe new life into the game that had began to stale recently in the minds of some.

Beginning with the more action oriented Resident Evil 5 we’ve seen the gameplay of the renowned franchise morph a bit. Some might say that it has been an evolution predicated on catering to a larger western audience. Whatever the reason may be, there’s certainly no denying the fundamental change the Resident Evil experience.

It seems that with each new iteration the franchise which essentially established the survival-horror genre is ever anxious to stray further away from its roots.

If Resident Evil 5 was a polarizing game for longtime RE fans, Operation Raccoon City looks like it will widen the gap between both parties. The first thing that jumps out in the trailer is the way that the bullets are flying. Ammo scarcity doesn’t appear to play a huge role this time around. In fact the entirety of the teaser seems to be predicated on hordes of zombies basically being mowed down by an array of gunfire.

A maneuver towards a more frenzied pace in lieu of the more familiar slower rate doesn’t necessarily mean traditionalists should completely write Operation Raccoon City off. The game’s developers have had ample time to hear the critiques from their fans. A potential marriage of both gameplay philosophies still remains.

What sort of gameplay do you think Operation Raccoon City will hold for gamers?

For more information on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City check out our coverage of the game’s announcement and stay tuned for future updates.