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New Resistance 3 screens pop up

Submitted by on Saturday, 16 April 20112 Comments

As far as exclusive first-person shooter experiences go there are two marquee franchises: Resistance and Killzone. Both of which have provided PS3 gamers with distinct and memorable games.

Later this year Resistance fans are set to yet again polish off some deserving Chimerans in Resistance 3. Take a look at the game’s visuals with these newly released screenshots.

2011 happens to be one of those fortunate years in which fans of both Resistance and Killzone each will see the next entry in the series.

For Resistance fans that means suiting up to fight for the sake of humanity for the first time since 2008, a relatively long wait given the explosion of annualized games.

In Resistance 3 gamers will take on the role of Joseph Capelli, previously a Sentinel for the human military. In the wake of what has transpired Capelli is forced to take to hiding in Oklahoma amid his wife and child.

At this time the Chimeran are in the driver’s seat for control of our world. As with any new tenant the Chimeran have taken it upon themselves to spruce up the place in a way that is more aligned with their tastes. Unfortunately for us humans that means altering a couple of things that we happen to like, most notably our planet’s climate.

It will be up to Capelli and Dr. Malikov (a holdover from previous games) to prevent the Chimeran from effectively converting our precious Earth into an inhospitable (for humans at least) ice planet.

Now that you know what is at stake take a look at the screenshots below and let us know what you think. After all that’s why you’re here.

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