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Shift 2 trailer – attacking corners the Chris Rado way

Submitted by on Monday, 4 April 20112 Comments

What makes Shift 2 different from other racers is that it’s designed entirely from the driver’s perspective and not so much from a car perspective, like say Gran Turismo 5 is.

EA wants you to feel every bump on the road and every head movement. They want you to feel the adrenaline rush of the racing experience, even if it isn’t entirely true-to-life with regards to its driving physics.

Racing is a dangerous sport after all, and it becomes even more dangerous the harder and better you drive. There’s a fine line between nailing a corner and heading head-first into a wall at 100mph. This is the message we get from EA’s latest Shift 2 trailer.

The trailer is narrated by American professional driver Chris Rado. He is owner and founder of WORLD Racing, “the most dominating team in Time Attack”. If anyone knows about driving at high speeds, it’s Rado. As well as lending his vast experience to developer Slightly Mad Studios, he’s also in the game. You can tackle his times in Time Attack and If you beat him, you can win his 1500hp, four cylinder and 2.4l beast-of-a-car. Nice.

Shift 2 is already out in stores. Does anyone have it? Does it meet your expectations? Let us know below…