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Sonic Generations trailer and screens

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 April 2011No Comment

It has been 20 years since Sonic burst onto the video game scene. The fleet-footed face of the Sega franchise has been saving cute animals from physically disproportionate evil doctors for a full two decades.

To commemorate the history of Sonic, Sonic Team has constructed a game which will allow gamers to play both as the Sonic of today and the 1991 original.

The crux of Sonic Generations is the ability to oscillate between 3-D Sonic and his classic 2-D counterpart. Fans will be able to play through new and classic levels on both planes thanks to a plot which involves, you guessed it, time travel.

It seems that Mr. Hedgehog finds himself in a predicament spawned by the sudden appearance of an unknown energy which has created time gaps sending Sonic and his friends hurdling through time.

Modern Sonic and classic Sonic need then to work together in order to solve the mystery of the unknown energy’s origin and save their friends from the mind behind such a devious plan.

It’s basically the plot to any Saturday morning cartoon without the annoying commercial breaks. But does the plot really matter? How utterly ridiculous would the story have to be before fans wouldn’t be capable of immersing themselves in the game? If past games are any indication then it is probably safe to say that a multi-layered story is inherently impractical.

For Sonic fans, and this goes for fans of many classic franchises, the plot is non essential. It’s all about the gameplay. The narrative simply serves as a vehicle to lead players through another coin laden loop and perhaps that’s the way a Sonic game should be designed.

“Sonic Generations will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic. By bringing together the Sonic, 1991, known and loved by his former fans, with Sonic today, we combine innovation with nostalgia the era of High Definition and the modern video game.” –┬áDavid Corless, Global Brand Director of Sonic

The game will certainly be nostalgic because every Sonic game has a that feeling but the innovation of which David Corless speaks of is yet to be determined.

So are you ready for a new Sonic game or have you had enough of the blue-haired speedster?