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Sony responds to PSN crisis: some services to resume soon but user account details are compromised

Submitted by on Tuesday, 26 April 20117 Comments

Sony has taken steps to reassure PlayStation 3 owners that some PlayStation Network services will be back online within a week, but has warned that an “illegal and unauthorised intrusion” could have left users’ account details exposed, including their password, address and purchase history.

Users have been without PlayStation Network access since Wednesday 20 April, and up until now Sony has remained quiet regarding the actual details of the event, preferring to simply state that they are working hard to resolve the matter. It’s only now that Sony has explained the full extent of what has happened, and what it means for users.

It has been confirmed that there was an illegal intrusion into the PlayStation Network infrastructure between 17 April and 19 April, and that personal user account information was compromised. Services were immediately taken offline and an “outside, recognised security firm” was drafted in to investigate the situation.

Sony has since been rebuilding its network infrastructure to enhance security and to ensure user information is kept safe and secure. This, of course, is a lengthy process, hence why the PlayStation Network has been down for so long and why it is likely to be down for another few days.

Sony acted swiftly to take down the service when they found out that account information could be compromised, and they are taking the necessary steps to ensure that user information is kept safe in future. This is a costly and timely process, and it is being conducted in the public eye. Sony aren’t shirking their responsibility here. However, users are likely to ask why they haven’t been told before now that their account details could be in the hands of fraudsters.

Sony has asked that everyone updates their security details as soon as possible and we also urge everyone to do so. They will be sending out an email shortly to all account holders, but you can find out all the information over on the PlayStation Blog: