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Zipper sets the stage for SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs

Submitted by on Sunday, 10 April 2011One Comment

The SOCOM franchise has been one of the flagship institutions of the PlayStation brand. To date a total of nine games have been released exclusively on the PS2, PSP and PS3.

The latest addition to the series, SOCOM 4, is set to be released on April 19 in the US and April 22 in the UK. The developers at Zipper Interactive have taken it upon themselves to present the game that they have created in this video.

Hailed as ‘the thinking man’s shooter’ SOCOM has traditionally been predicated on one’s ability to control, communicate with and lead a small squad of elite soldiers.

For SOCOM 4 the focus is on creating an experience that can appeal to wider audience. As one might expect this development choice was met with much scrutiny by the fans.

When the developer and publisher say ‘broader focus’ fans often hear ‘dumbed down’. A issue that is not limited to the video game arena.

The somewhat grim truth of the matter is that a game of the quality of ┬áSOCOM 4 is inherently costly to make. If companies feel they have the need to recoup they’re costs and increase overall revenue then they need their game to appeal to an expanded set of gamers.

If Sony Computer Entertainment and Zipper Interactive foresaw a great revenue stream there, the incentive to somewhat alter the gameplay experience may not have been as potent. The risk that SOCOM 4 runs is alienating the franchise’s dedicated fan base, effectively and ironically failing to achieve one of the game’s ambitions.

For more information on SOCOM 4 have a look at the game’s official site and stay tuned to PS3 Attitude for additional coverage.

Now that the beta is available what do you think of the game so far? Have you experienced any discernible differences between the forthcoming game and its predecessors?