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Ace Combat gets the reboot treatment

Submitted by on Friday, 13 May 20114 Comments

Reboots are all the rage nowadays. If a franchise is a little long in the tooth and is starting to feel a little stale a proper reboot can be just what the doctor ordered.

But when your game mainly consists of piloting high-powered fighter-jets what is there to reboot? Of course the answer lies within the details.

There’s a reason that the next Ace Combat game isn’t simply titled ‘Ace Combat 7’. The game’s developers envision their next game as a rebirth of the franchise. A sequential designation for them would have been counterintuitive. Thus we have Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

The game is putting a definite emphasis on narrowing the battlefield. In what Project Aces is calling ‘close range assault’ gamers will ideally feel more immersed in the gameplay. Whereas previous Ace Combat games involved much radar monitoring and long range missile attacks, Assault Horizon will feature more more action oriented elements like weaving through skyscrapers before taking out an enemy aircraft and dodging the fiery wreckage before it swallows you whole.

Equal attention has be applied to altering the presentation itself. The high tech birds of Assault Horizon are being personified to the point where destruction meshes with gore. Spray a jet with machine gun fire and oil will spew from its wounds. In essence to shoot down one of the jets is to kill a living, breathing organism. The machines bleed and they are likely to be mutilated on their way out.

Promised for the game is a intuitive redesign of the game’s control scheme and multiplayer components.

If the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon looks different than past Ace Combat games, rest assured it is intentional.

Let us know what you think of the franchise’s rebirth and don’t forget to have a look through the rather large bounty of screenshots below.