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Brink DLC and stats site on the way

Submitted by on Sunday, 29 May 2011No Comment

We’ve only had a short while to tool around with Brink but that hasn’t stopped Bethesda from announcing the upcoming release of downloadable content as well as stats site to keep track of all of your death…er success.

This June a bountiful DLC pack will be available to gun-toting parkour aficionados. Straightaway the level cap will be raised to 24. Beyond that a host of new maps, costumes, abilities, etc. await your prompt download.

Two new maps titled ‘Founders’ Tower’ and ‘Labs’ will be the extent of the environment add-ons. With ‘Founders’ Tower’ making use of the island’s iconic spire to take the battle to greater heights and ‘Labs’ allowing players to enter the Ark’s research and development hub which has yet to be spoiled by civil war.

In addition to the maps the players themselves will net some very interesting new abilities. The ‘UAV’ (unmanned aerial vehicle) allow Operatives to mark nearby enemies on the map and if the situation calls for it Operatives can detonate it. Soldiers now can equip the ‘Napalm Grenade’ which does pretty much exactly what you would expect, an explosion of fire will engulf the entirety of the blast area. The ‘Pyro Mine’ of the Engineers is more of a strategic weapon. These can be planted aroundĀ enemiesĀ to trap them in a burning ring of fire. If healing is more your style you’ll want to get acquainted with the ‘Field Regen Unit’. Deployable units which can increase the health regeneration of nearby compadres. Lastly, the ‘Tactical Scanner’, which can be used universally, reveals the active buffs of opponents.

Bayonets will burst onto the scene to deal extra damage for melee attacks and riot-style shields will be readily available for instant protection.

A pair of additional character outfits complete the DLC pack. ‘The Sad Punk’ adds a touch of steampunk flare to any resistance character’s wardrobe and ‘The Limey’ places security forces in traditional, European police inspired garb.

For stat-heads a statistics centric website will go live this Tuesday. On it gamers can access an array of individual statistics, player progress and the up to the minute results of that week’s battle for the Ark. Keep your VIP code handy, as you will need it to access the site once it goes live.

The cherry on top of this DLC sundae is the fact that it comes to gamers at the unbeatable price of free. While the stat site will be live this Tuesday there has been no mention of a firm release date for the DLC pack other than the previously announced release window of early June.

For more information on Brink check out our newly minted review.