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Brink launch trailer shows the advent of civil war

Submitted by on Tuesday, 10 May 2011One Comment

If the SMART series wasn’t enough to send you into a Brink frenzy, Bethesda has a launch trailer that is certain to get you itching to get in on the action. The trailer shows the people of the Ark – an eco-paradise gone sour – on the brink (that’s the name) of an all out civil war between the security forces and the downtrodden immigrants.

The important thing to note about the story is that neither side is good or evil. Both have their reasons for fighting, as Ed Stern (lead writer) and Richard Ham (creative director) explained in an interview with PS3 Attitude last year. One side is being oppressed while the other has reasons to fear the other. You will experience both sides in the game.

Story aside, Brink is a competitive online multiplayer at heart. It’s also set to be one of the most dynamic multiplayer games around. Expect to have your jaws drop when you see some of the acrobatic moves a player can make in-game, thanks to Splash Damage’s amazing SMART movement system. SMART allows you to leap across platforms, slide under obstacles and generally get to places no other FPSs go.

Caution: PEGI 16

If you would like to know more about Brink, check out our series of developer diaries, in which Richard Ham and Ed Stern take us through just about everything you’ll ever need to know about the game:

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Brink will be released in North America tomorrow and across Europe on 13 May. Now all we need is for Sony to find the switch for the PSN servers.

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