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Catherine trailer tests your commitment (not recommended couple viewing)

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 May 20112 Comments

Catherine is a game that is positioned to defy the notion of a contemporary label. Is it a text adventure or a platformer? Survival-horror or dating simulation? Truth be told it appears to be a mix of all of the above.

The latest trailer for Catherine gives us a glimpse at some in-game action and poses the simple yet difficult question: Do you ever want to get married?

As the old cliché goes, when it comes to relationships men are afraid of long-term commitment. Images of cell doors slamming shut are conjured in the minds of those of us with a Y-chromosome when the conversation deviates to marriage. Allow Kramer to explain.

When you step into Catherine’s uneasy protagonist, Vincent’s shoes July 26th you’ll get to experience what happens at the intersection of apprehension and quick alcohol-fueled decision making.

Vincent, saddled with the eternal quandary of commitment versus freedom takes to the local bar with his buddies to sort out his life when the lovely Catherine steps into his life. Suddenly marriage isn’t his biggest problem as he now finds himself juggling a psychologically daunting love triangle.

So Vincent is screwed. There’s not really a positive resolution for the situation and based on the trailer the game is going to play out like a slow moving train wreck.

You’ve seen the trailer but don’t forget to take a quick glance at the screenshots, the captions give you a greater insight into the gameplay mechanics. As always leave your thoughts on the game before you go.

If you’re yearning for more Catherine check out the game’s previous batch of screenshots.