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The Cursed Crusade – medieval buddy system trailer

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 May 2011No Comment

The first rule of medieval combat is never fight alone. If one falls in battle, they must look to their partner in arms to rip them free from the clutches of death. So as long as storming a castle is in the schedule, you best bring a friend.

The latest trailer for The Cursed Crusade extols the virtues of cooperative gameplay.

In this 13th century action game, players will take up sword and shield as Denz de Bayle, the son of a Templar gone missing during the Third Crusade. In an attempt to solve the mystery surrounding his father’s untimely disappearance Denz seeks enlistment in the matter-of-factly titled Fourth Crusade.

By his side is Esteban Noviembre, a simple thief that determines fighting alongside Denz will uncover a greater purpose within himself. Each man fights to further his own agenda but relies on the other for survival.

The relationship between Denz and Esteban is intertwined with the greater narrative. As such the two warriors are essentially inseparable along their journey. Solo players will be accompanied by an AI controlled Esteban but the crux of the gameplay is in the two player cooperative combat that can be accessed locally via split-screen as well as online.

The Cursed Crusade will boast more than 90 combos and over 130 unique weapons strewn about the landscape with which to wreak all sorts of havoc.

The 13th century third-person action experience is set to be released this summer. Do you anticipate sharing a couch and a screen with a friend old-school style or linking up with ally online?

For more information on The Cursed Crusade head on over to the game’s official website.