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Madden NFL 12 – the sizzle and the steak

Submitted by on Tuesday, 3 May 2011No Comment

Each and every year gridiron fans get their football fix from the celebrated¬†Madden franchise. Now that the draft has wrapped up and the first scheduled game is fast approaching it’s time to drum up enthusiasm for Madden NFL 12.

Being the only game in town sure does have its advantages. But it also has drawbacks that may not be as obvious.

When EA successfully secured the NFL license it was a major victory for the storied developer. Unless you wanted to shoot steroids on the sidelines and play as the Vancouver Beaver or Philadelphia Brawlers you would need to get yourself a copy of Madden from that point on.

At that time the acquisition of the license was pretty much a lateral move for gamers. Madden was far and away the best football game available, so much so that one might conclude that it may as well be the only one on shelves.

As time went on and the annual football game became more of the same every year players began to wonder if the monopoly held by EA on NFL football games had made them soft. Without a single formidable competitor to drive further innovation what’s the point of sinking a large amount of valuable resources into the continued development of the franchise? As long as your game is the only option arm-chair quarterbacks, consumers do not have the luxury of an alternative.

In any event football season and therefor Madden NFL 12 are fast approaching so let’s take a look at how this year’s game is shaping up. Below is a presentation trailer which focuses solely on the game’s aesthetics. This year EA has taken greater steps in immersing football fans in an authentic NFL experience. Going as far as to study the unique blueprints of each stadium in order to mimic seemingly minute details like camera placement. It may sound minute but devoted fans will be able to appreciate the fact that a broadcast in Oakland is strikingly different from one taking place in Pittsburgh.

As far as gameplay tweaks this year the focus is on sharpening the mechanics. Traditionally difficult animations like the sideline catch have been steadily improving in recent years and perhaps Madden 12, set to hit stores on August 30 with new cover-boy Peyton Hillis, can deliver much more fluid action in that respect.

The gameplay trailer below shows off the marquee improvements gamers can expect this year which unfortunately appear quite vague and unsubstantial.

Let us know what you think of the game. What are your biggest gripes with the franchise? It’s going to be another great year of football come Septemb…wait what’s this about a lockout?