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Modern Warfare 3 teaser revealed

Submitted by on Saturday, 14 May 20113 Comments

Infinity Ward has released an official teaser for the world’s most anticipated game. The inevitable release of Modern Warfare 3 is as much a foregone conclusion as the rising of the sun every morning however the details surrounding the shooter remain unclear.

Have a look at this trailer to see if you can glean any information (we’ll help you out).

The fight has been taken to America’s eastern seaboard as the teaser opens with military chatter involving some very famous locations in New York City. If you are unfamiliar with the area the two locales mentioned, Manhattan and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, are some of the most highly¬†trafficked areas in the country.

The island borough of Manhattan is most densely populated of the five boroughs and encompasses world-famous tourist destinations such as Central Park and the Empire State Building. It is also the site of the infamous September 11th terrorist attacks which brought down the World Trade Center towers.

The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is the longest underwater tunnel in North America. Everyday it shuttles thousands of New Yorkers between Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you’re at all interested in what the tunnel looks like have a look at this video or this one which shows the area directly outside the entrance.

We’re going to guess that you don’t speak fluent Russian so we’ll let you know that the little bit heard at the end of the trailer roughly translates to ‘One dreams of destroying all hope of victory’. Thanks to IGN for the translation.

Now that you’ve seen the teaser what do you think of it? Does fighting in New York interest you or are you burned out on the franchise all together?

Look for more information on Modern Warfare 3 as it becomes available.