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There’s a new outbreak aboard the Sprawl; Dead Space 2 receives two new maps

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 May 2011One Comment

What could be scarier than fighting necromorphs all alone aboard a darkened space vessel? Nothing, is what you’d probably say. Well, what if you had to fight them in a creepy nursery filled with playsets and and a smiling sun that eerily stares back at you? Yeah, the Sprawl is looking mighty fine right about now.

Visceral Games revealed that they are busy working on two new maps for Dead Space 2’s multiplayer, The Academy and The Concorse, both of which will be available for the wonderful price of absolutely nothing. That’s right, they’re free.

The Academy will take you to the playschool area of the Sprawl where you’ll have to work together as a team to activate a decontamination system and escape the school. The Concourse takes you on a shopping spree at the Sprawl’s mall. There you’ll have to send a distress signal to the waiting rescue ship.

Both maps are a part of the upcoming Outbreak Map Pack which will be available for free on June 3rd on the PSN. Of course, you’ll need to have EA’s Online Pass, which costs $10, enabled to play them.

It’s great to see Visceral Games still supporting Dead Space 2. First we had the Severed expansion and now this. Add in the fact that these new maps are free and you have a winning combination.

What do you think, will this renew any interest in Dead Space 2’s multiplayer?