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Raptr unveils new community driven website; PS3 Attitude joins as partner

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 May 20113 Comments

After logging into your favorite social media site, no doubt one of the first things you see are updates on your friends’ gaming habits, usually telling us which games they’re playing and boasting about the trophies they’ve earned. There are many game tracking websites, but Raptr is without a doubt king of them all. And with over eight million users, it’s certainly the most popular.

Since 2008, Raptr has been tracking players’ gaming habits across PCs and consoles. It has provided a one stop shop for gamers to chat and discover new and exciting games together. Raptr is now taking that experience to the next level by introducing new personalized news feeds and PS3 Attitude is coming along for the ride!

This new community-driven platform will bring you news content, directly tailored to your interests, from the top videogame websites across the internet. Best of all, PS3 Attitude is partnering with Raptr to bring all the latest PS3 news, reviews and features to an even greater audience.

So, what does this all mean for you?

In addition to continued support for game tracking across all platforms, Raptr will now provide dedicated topic pages that allow you to keep up to date with any news relating to that topic. Stories can be submitted via link by anyone, and the community can vote up whichever articles they feel are the best. Think of the new Raptr along the same lines of N4G, Digg and other news aggregate sites.

Best of all, your profile can be personalized to only display news based on the topics you follow and the games you play, so no need to swim throw a pile of, er…

Soon PS3 Attitude will have its own “topic page” that fans can follow and keep up to date with PS3 Attitude’s offerings. In the meantime, you can submit links to stories under key game topics. Also, feel free to connect with any of the PS3A Staff, all of who have Raptr pages ourselves. We promise we won’t bite.

If you don’t already have an account, it’s free and easy to sign up. From there, you can start tracking your games, read up on the latest news and leave comments with your fellow gamers.

This is an exciting milestone, for both Raptr and PS3 Attitude, and we’re glad you’re here with us to celebrate it!