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Rock’N’Roll + Zombies = Dead Block

Submitted by on Sunday, 8 May 2011No Comment

The first original IP (intellectual property) from developer Candygun Games has been formally announced and it will play to gamers’ contemporary love affair with the undead.

1950’s society warned the youth of the ills of Rock’N’Roll but alas they just wouldn’t listen.

Hypnotized by Elvis’s swinging hips and spoiled by modern technology, the brash ruffians went and created a bona fide cultural revolution. There was no going back.

Apparently the simpletons didn’t realize that while their vile ‘music’ merely angered up the blood of the living it would also reanimate corpses.

They just couldn’t leave well enough alone. The 50’s were swell. Clearly defined and inflexible gender roles and a handful of pomade on the head of every (respectable) man. It all came to an end when the zombies started showing up.

Gamers can expect to wax nostalgia while defending themselves from the brain-hungry zombie hordes later this year on the PSN.

Spurned of course by scourge of Rock’N’Roll a quiet town’s perfectly quiet dead have risen to wreak absolute havoc on the living. The survivors of the unnatural disaster must bind together to stave off the zombies’ insatiable can-do spirit.

Developed by the Hamburg, Germany based studio, Candygun Games, Dead Block boasts a total of 10 single-player missions to go along with 8 split-screen multiplayer levels.

Currently only three survivors have been mentioned. Players will take up arms as either construction worker Jack Foster , soulful traffic cop Foxy Jones, or boyscout/eating machine Mike Bacon.

The game has the potential to be a very fun download later in the year but is it possible that gamers may have had their fill of zombie slaying?

Before you go, leave us your initial thoughts on Dead Block and take a look at the game’s first screenshots.