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Shrouded in Rage gameplay trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 6 May 2011One Comment

It makes us supremely happy when publishers ditch their clinically edited promos for a good old fashioned gameplay video. Don’t get us wrong, we get hooked in by cliffhanger shots every time, but they don’t reveal much about how the game plays. Agree?

Thankfully, Bethesda agree. If you want to see what the gameplay is actually like for Rage, the upcoming FPS from id Software (the guys credited with inventing the genre), check out this latest footage. It’s raw, aggressive and damn well unedited: it’s just how we like it.

Throughout their two decades in the business, id has kept things simple, sticking to one clear principle: if it moves, shoot it. They’ve never been ones to experiment with morality systems or complex RPG mechanics. Get the guns sounding dangerous and the controls feeling slick: it’s how they’ve reached our hearts in the past.

However, id is branching out a little with Rage. For starters, vehicles will play a large part of the game. You can see them in action near the beginning of the demo. These will be used for getting around the vast wasteland and for racing. Surprisingly – for an FPS at least – the vehicle mechanics appear to work very well. We’re not expecting Motorstorm style off-road adrenaline-filled chaos, but driving does look good in Rage.

Warning. The following video is PEGI 18 rated.

id is also looking to introduce more character interaction. The demo actually starts with a local wasteland sherif ordering you to head into the Shrouded’s camps to destroy their bomb caches. How deep the character interaction will go is still unclear, but we do know there are local village areas where your character can walk around and interact with the locals. It’s not quite Fallout 3, but neither is it simply point and shoot.

Rage also looks pretty stunning, thanks to id’s propriety engine called id Tech 5. Everything runs smooth and the rendering is pretty astounding.

Rage is slated for a 13 September release in North America, before being rolled out across Europe on 16 September.