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SSX – The evolution of character design

Submitted by on Saturday, 7 May 2011One Comment

With five titles in the bank and a brand-new one on the way, the developers of the outlandish snowboarding game SSX have determined a proper character evolution is in order.

Anyone that has played an SSX game knows that the characters are much more style than function. And why not fly down a mountain in a T-shirt or your favorite straight-jacket? Chances are one of those 80 foot drops are going to get you not hypothermia so you may as well be comfortable.

Although SSX is known for grandiose elements the development team tasked with revitalizing the snowboarding franchise is departing from the bright colors and giant checkpoint markers of the previous games in favor of more pragmatic environments. Don’t worry you’ll come across plenty of half-pipes and rails but the half-pipes will be natural, wind-formed killers and the rails may belong to a train that has been devastated by an avalanche.

In accordance with EA Canada’s more natural and functional (to a degree) approach to bringing back the franchise, character equipment and gear is undergoing a real-world metamorphosis.

The mindset is that the snowboarders face environments which will test their abilities and their equipment should reflect that sentiment.

The runs may be dramatic and over-the-top and the very nature of the game may go beyond the limits of human ability but SSX aims to be somewhat grounded.

In addition to the evolution of the character design displayed in the video we also caught glimpse of a system in which one’s gear goes through a series of progressions adding an ever-popular RPG element to the game.

So far the game looks great. Fans of the long dormant snowboarding genre have plenty to be excited about in SSX.

Tell us what you think about the game and what your favorite snowboarding game is. Any love for Dark Summit?

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