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The Baconing – DeathSpank and AntiSpank star in extra crispy screenshots

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 June 20114 Comments

According to Thongolith myth, one should never wear all six Thongs of Virtue at once. Aside from causing extreme discomfort, the very act will cause an imbalance in the force and bring great evil upon the world. It’s not the done thing.

However, PS3A hero and slayer of mean-spirited things, DeathSpank will commit this very act in The Baconing; and in doing so, he will summon an evil embodiment of himself, The AntiSpank, who will wreak havoc upon Spanktopia.

To rectify his mistake, DeathSpank must destroy five of the magical undergarments — leaving one for himself, obviously — but, as is the case with certain rings, there is only one way to destroy these thongs. The Thongs of Virtue will only sizzle in the Fires of Bacon, which are naturally very far away from home. Here begins The Baconing, and DeathSpank’s latest epic journey.

It all sounds very quirky and bizarre — so far so DeathSpank, then. However, even though the story follows on from the events of Thongs of Virtue, Hothead Games appear keen to stress that this is not strictly DeathSpank 3 (you’ll see the name is absent from the title). Don’t hold out for a complete change of genre or anything that radical, though. It’s more likely an attempt to keep the brand fresh.

Nevertheless, we can expect some new features, characters, weapons and locations. Some of which are listed below:

  • Explore unique locations such as The Forbidden Zone, Rainbow’s End and Hell’s Half Acre in a pop-up book style adventure
  • Over 100 quests, challenging boss fights and mind bending puzzles to complete
  • Unleash devastating attacks on the enemy with the all-powerful Weapons of Justice
  • Control the battlefield with tactical precision by using your Shield Bash, Perfect Reflect and Charged Attacks
  • Play local co-op with a friend and choose from one of four amazing sidekicks

We also have a selection of smoking screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below. They are looking crisp, colourful and very appealing; then again, it is a game featuring DeathSpank — we wouldn’t expect anything less.

For more information on The Baconing, visit the official site:

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