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EA 11; Battlefield 3 stuns E3 crowd [updated with awesome tank trailer!]

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 June 2011No Comment

We all know Battlefield 3 will look and play great. It’s not news, so EA had no right to stun us as much as they did with their trailers at E3.

First up was a Frostbite 2 teaser. Showing off the engine’s performance in the following areas: destruction, scale, audio, rendering and animation. It’s safe to say it passed with flying colours in all departments.

Next up was the multiplayer teaser. Here you will see a game of Rush being played out on the Operation Metro map. Believe it or not, this is actual multiplayer gameplay!

Sadly we don’t have a link to the final and best trailer from the conference. The singleplayer trailer showed a lengthy drive in a tank through a barren – and beautifully rendered – desert. It was subtle but powerful, the calm before the storm, and nothing like the all-out action of Modern Warfare. It just made the latter part of the trailer even more intense – you know, the part when the tank reaches the enemy. It was tank on tank and tank on man (how unfair).

We’ll bring you that video as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, start counting down the days until Battlefield 3 is released. 25 October is the date to put in the calendar.

We now have that video to show you! Enjoy.