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Dev diary | Shadows of the Damned and the sound of vomit and upchucking

Submitted by on Saturday, 18 June 2011No Comment

“When I worked as a mortician, death was all around me — all the time. It was a daily routine that someone died. What I witnessed back then might have helped me create this new style of hell in the Shadows of the Damned.”

If only more designers had Suda 51’s sordid sense of humour, we’d probably be looking forward to more outrageous games like Shadows of the Damned rather than war game sequel no. 49.

In this latest dev diary, Suda 51 and sound engineer Akira Yamaoka discuss the sounds of Shadows of the Damned. Sounds, which we are told, are that of “vomit and upchucking”. (as you would expect from a game packed with demon pubes and skin shedding girlfriends.)

Watch the dev diary below to learn more about the sounds that Yamaoka and Suda envisioned for Shadows of the Damned:

Suda 51’s horrific version of hell will be landing in North America on 21 June and in Europe on 24 June. Prepare to vomit and upchuck. Bleurgh