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E3 11; 8 solid minutes of RAGE

Submitted by on Wednesday, 8 June 2011One Comment

If you’ve got eight minutes (technically 7:50, the extra 10 seconds are your prerogative) to spare there are much worse ways to spend it than watching gameplay footage from one of the industry’s most widely anticipated games. Enjoy this extended look at id Software’s RAGE.

Someone’s poisoned the waterhole in Wellspring. It is up to you to put an end to this villainous charade and prevent the would be poisoning of an entire town. Sounds like a pretty basic quest right? Probably because it is but RAGE offers so much in the way of atmosphere and weapon diversity that a typical quest such as this becomes an engaging journey.

One of the primary challenges facing large open-world RPGs is the battle against monotony. Whether it’s the random battles and level grinding typical of Japanese ventures or the often bland landscapes that have at times been characteristic of the western approach, keeping the player actively involved in the game is a constant battle for developers.

Right from the start it is apparent that RAGE is going to be a beautiful experience. The opening bar scene displays much of the game’s rich details. The world has a sort of stylized feel to it, sort of like a more polished version of the visuals seen in Borderlands.

When the trailer jumps into the combat portion we are shown the qualities that could potentially separate RAGE from other games in the genre. The stunning environment of the well are just the beginning. There is an air of realism to the character animations. Shooting an enemy in a different part of the body rendered varying animation sequences. Repeated blows the the lower half have foes stumbling over themselves while a stealth shot the face draws the victims hands up to their previously intact face in a doomed attempt to cover up.

Another thing that makes this trailer encouraging is the satisfaction that pours out of the guns. Visually they have a tremendous weight to them while both the boomerang type blade and crossbow look to provide plenty of attack variety.

All told RAGE looks great and while it may be a bit premature to say that the game will make good on all of the potential shown off in the trailer, those eight minutes were a blast and it’s hard to not be more excited about the September 13 release having watched it.

As always your opinion is much appreciated at PS3 Attitude so make sure to drop us a line and let us know what you thought of the trailer.

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