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E3 11; Affordable PlayStation branded 3D TV on the way

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 June 20113 Comments

Sony is launching its first ever PlayStation branded television in an attempt to break down the barriers for those looking to join the 3D gaming revolution. The new set will feature a 24″ LCD screen and will produce full high-definition pictures, but its best feature is its price. You won’t need to sell your body to get this sexy piece of kit.

Sony is introducing this PlayStation branded television to make 3D gaming accessible to a larger audience. 3D gaming is currently an expensive luxury that requires a heavy investment just to get started. and it’s also reserved for the living room for most people because most sets are either 32″ or larger. You can basically forget it if you play games in a small bedroom or have little disposable income.

The bundle is relatively inexpensive at $499.99. In the bundle you get the television, a copy of Resistance 3, and HDMI cable and a pair of 3D glasses worth $69.99. The 3D glasses are equipped with a rechargeable battery and will work with a variety of active shutter type of 3D TVs and displays. The glasses are also available separately.

The television also packs some very cool proprietary technology that will split the signal when playing split screen games. One image goes to the first player and a second image goes to the second player. It basically means you can see the whole screen rather than just half of it. Clever girl. Sadly it’s incapable of projecting the images in 3D while playing split screen. That’s asking a lot though.

The television was one of the surprises at Sony’s E3 presentation. The reaction to the announcement across the internet was mostly positive with most people agreeing that it’s a good deal, except for the 3D haters of course. PS3 Attitude approves, we’re just delighted to see Sony’s various departments working together for a change. We need to see more of this.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the PlayStation branded television. Leave them in the usual place below…