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E3 11; Battlefield 3 multiplayer preview – To Paris and beyond

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 June 20112 Comments

There’s no doubt that when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits shelves this fall it’s going to be big (regardless of how good it is). It’s a title that overshadows all others, save for one: Battlefield 3.

Since releasing the Fault Line video series, EA has been pushing Battlefield 3 as the number one contender against Activision’s golden child. With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, can Battlefield overthrow the king?

PS3 Attitude went hands-on with Battlefield 3 at E3, where we played an online multiplayer map with fellow gamers. The various maps are broken into focused objectives, so in this sense it still feels a lot like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. For this particular level, there were four areas we needed to progress through. As the aggressor, we started on one side of the map and had to make our way through to the enemy’s base and capture key focal points.

We were lead through the streets of Paris as well as the metro system underneath, and bullets flew all around our 16-man team as we inched our way closer. You’ll learn quickly that points aren’t just awarded for kills. One new addition to the Battlefield franchise is the fact that you can use suppression fire to put pressure on the other side. Not only do you gain a small increase in points, but it also affects the opposing players’ ability, because it blurs their screens and decreases their accuracy.

Teamwork is key in Battlefield 3. It’s important to have one or two teammates with you at all times to provide cover fire from all sides. Sure, you can go in with guns blazing but you probably won’t get very far and your fellow squad members won’t be too happy. This focus on teamwork is the thing that sets Battlefield 3 apart from the rest of the first person shooters.

Battlefield 3 also feels more “real”, like you’re in the soldier’s shoes. The weapons have weight to them and the visuals are simply stunning. Just a quick side note, we were playing the PC version. This doesn’t deter us from the fact that what we saw was the most impressive first person shooter thus far.

The full game will have various classes (with support abilities) and even more weapons. There will also be new custom dog tags, which players can imprint with whichever stat they feel most proud of. Beware though, just like in Bad Company 2, your dog tabs can be stolen with a quick knife from behind. All in all, what we’ve seen so far is only a taste of what’s to come. So watch out Modern Warfare, there’s a new contender coming for you.