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E3 11; Kaori returns to SSX in EA conference trailer

Submitted by on Monday, 6 June 2011No Comment

SSX has dropped more than its Deadly Descents working title recently, with successive characters being thrown on to a snowy peak every time the SSX Facebook page gains enough Likes.

For EA’s E3 Conference, that character was Kaori.

You may remember Kaori from the original SSX. What she lacks in height, at only 5 feet, and weight, at just 100 pounds, she makes up for in style and speed.

Of course, EA’s Conference wasn’t just about bringing back another much-loved character. They also explained that SSX will use real satellite imagery to recreate every major mountain range in the world. Players will literally be able to drop in on wherever their fancy takes them.

Here in Attitude Towers, we’re hoping to see Psymon make a return, and we’d really love EA if he happened to be voiced by Jason Statham this time around. Just sayin’…

Whoever else EA reveal SSX is looking glorious, and the Kaori reveal trailer shown over at EA’s Origin website makes us feel as though the franchise never really went away, which is a very good thing.

Or, as Kaori might say, “Zekkou no RACE ni yori!”