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New Lara wows in debut Tomb Raider trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 3 June 2011One Comment

Excitement is building, for the first time in years, for a new Tomb Raider, as Crystal Dynamics show off their blueprint to getting gamers in love with Lara once again.

The stunning pre-E3 debut trailer reveals a new Lara, completely different from the bold and confident personality from past adventures. She appears young and in over her head.

It begins with Lara onboard the ironically titled ship, The Endurance, heading towards her first adventure. But things take a turn for the worst as the corridors fill with water. Lara has to frantically fight for her life and just makes it off the ship. But the enormity of the situation only becomes clear near the end of the trailer, when the camera zooms out to reveal our hero standing in front of multiple shipwrecks.

The trailer ends with an image of Lara — crossbow on back and pickaxe in hand — with the phrase “a survivor is born” appearing on screen. It has a cheesy 80s vibe to it sure, but it’s done with enough intensity to work.

The survival element is key to this reboot. This Lara isn’t the perfect warrior, unlike the Lara we’re familiar with. She looks helpless and vulnerable in her blood-soaked clothes, and it’s clear she’ll get battered and bruised throughout the game.

In this sense, it’s like Uncharted; however, we suspect Lara’s adventure will be much more serious than Drake’s. We certainly can’t see her dishing out the witty remarks Drake does, or old Lara for that matter.

But this is a good thing; we don’t want to see another Tomb Raider rehash or for Crystal Dynamics to copy Uncharted. That would be dull and this is looking anything but that. Sure, we haven’t seen any gameplay footage (that’s important, of course), but getting the style right is a big part of the battle, and in this department, we think Crystal Dynamics are on to a winner.

Let us know your thoughts below…