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E3 11; Papo & Yo preview – A boy and his Monster

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 June 2011No Comment

When Papo & Yo was announced, we were immediately intrigued by its unique gameplay and storyline, as absurd as it sounded. Quico is just your average boy aside from the fact that he has a giant pink rhino-like creature named Monster for a pet. Oh and then there’s Lula, a robot who helps tame Monster. Okay, so Quico isn’t so average after all.

The E3 demo took us through the basics in controlling Quico. Alone, he isn’t capable of much. He can run around and grab things but that’s about it. Not too long into the demo you come across Lula, you’re robotic friend. You can pick her up and run with her on your back or you can simply call out her name and have her follow you. Lula is much more than just a companion however.

The first puzzle we ran into required us to raise a series of stepping stones to get to the top of a cliff. Nearby there was a chalk rope drawn on the way. Lula was able to grab hold of the rope, and when we called her, she pulled it forward causing a stone pathway to rise from the ground.

The next puzzle had us move cardboard houses which in turn moved real life houses in the background. You may recognize this puzzle as the one shown briefly in the debut trailer. Once lined up, you could then walk across the houses to reach the other side of the canyon.

None of the puzzles we experienced were that difficult. Hints can be found scattered around in cardboard boxes you place over your head and then read along the sides, but common sense can be used in most cases to solve them. Still, they’re not boring as you can’t help but wonder what’s going to come next. You want to solve them and progress further.

Towards the end of the demo, we finally got our first encounter with Monster. With a name like his, he isn’t going to be all nice and cuddly. Fortunately for you, he’s afraid of Lula so you can use her to your advantage and tame the beast. We didn’t have much time with monster, only playing a few games of fetch, but it was interesting seeing the relationship between him and Quico. We didn’t see him eat a frog either, but we hear he turns into quite the beast as a result.

Papo & Yo isn’t your average downloadable title. With its simplistic nature, the game stretches your imagination and draws you into Quico’s world with stunning visuals and relaxing music. And that was only from a short time with the demo. Imagine what the full game will be like?

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Vander Cabellero, founder and Creative Director of Minority. We can assure you, Papo & Yo is much more than just another game.