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E3 11; Serious Sam 3: BFE preview – No cover, all man

Submitted by on Monday, 13 June 2011No Comment

Serious Sam is making his PlayStation 3 debut with Serious Sam 3: BFE. Those familiar with the Serious Sam franchise will know that it likes to keep things simple when it comes to first person shooters. There are no regenerating health shields or perfectly placed walls for cover. As the tagline says, “No Cover, All Man.”

The demo we played was still in its alpha stage but looking impressive nonetheless. BFE uses Croteam’s in-house game engine, the Serious Sam Engine 3, over the more typical Unreal Engine used with first person shooters. The main reason for this is because the engine is perfect for creating massive hordes of enemies on screen at once, something you’ll instantly realize when playing the game.

Enemies will rush you from all sides and they won’t let up. There are these Cyclopes-like monsters that charge at you, grunting loudly so you know they’re coming. You can either take them out with your gun or use the new melee system for some up close and personal attention. Sam has a huge hammer in his arsenal that he can bash his enemies with. It’s extremely powerful but you have to be very close to your enemy for it to be effective.

Other enemies we saw in the demo were headless kamikaze runners carrying bombs. You won’t want to melee them unless you’re willing to take some damage. What’s cool about these guys is that they can be used as a weapon as well. Kill them near other enemies have them caught up in the ensuing explosion. You can always play it safe though and just blow them up as soon as you see them.

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a throwback to the classic first person shooters from the Doom era. What stands out most about the game is the sheer amount of enemies on screen at once. There are just so many! Regenerating health was turned on for the demo but we were still having trouble staying alive in some parts. No doubt BFE is going to be difficult when it comes out later this year.