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E3 11; Mass Effect 3 coming in March, new trailer here now

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 June 2011No Comment

We have a release date for Mass Effect 3, budget your vacation time accordingly.

On March 6th we will see the consequences of our choices from Mass Effect 2. Prepare to reap what you have sown. Lie in the bed you made. Live with the knowledge that you were not able to save some of your most valuable party members.

Based on past events in the Mass Effect universe ME3 will be a more decisive action experience. The trailer does not deter this notion in the least.

By and large the crux of the game’s narrative is a known quantity. A stark contrast from the previous games. Those that saw Mass Effect 2 through to completion along with a couple story altering downloadable missions know what lies before them.

You may have noticed Shepard viciously cutting through enemies with his brand new omni-blade. The remarkable red blade obviously serves as a melee weapon for the commander and it can be used across all character classes. It’s likely to be absolutely devastating when properly utilized by the Vanguard.

Once again you can expect to see ME3 on store shelves in early March. For more information on the franchise give our review of Mass Effect 2 a read and make sure to stay tuned to PS3 Attitude for all future ME3 releases and updates.