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E3 2011; The PS3 Attitude Live Show Guide

Submitted by on Friday, 3 June 20116 Comments

The vastness of E3 can make it difficult to acquire all of the information that comes out of the annual show. Never fear dear gamer that’s what we’re here for. This year we’re compiling all of the relevant news in one convenient place. This place actually.

Below you will find truncated releases from the show. Many of the short releases are linked to expanded articles so don’t forget to click the links. This space will be constantly updated with new information so make sure to check in often.

Bear in mind that all the releases are ordered from newest to oldest and the timestamps refer to Pacific Daylight Time (GMT – 8:00) as the show is held in Los Angeles.

June 8th

11:40 – Hitman: Absolution trailer and details available on the official PlayStation blog. We advise you to watch, read about it, watch it again and probably watch it one last time. Hitman is back. Mini air punch.

11:15 – Words from Majiesto: “Saints Row 3 is absolutely ridiculous. Then again, so is any game where a giant purple dildo is a weapon.” So true. So true.

11:05 – Capcom revealed the new Devil May Cry at TGS last year. It’s being developed by Ninja Theory (Enslaved, Heavenly Sword), who are looking to reboot the series with a newly styled Dante. The new look provoked much fist waving angst from normally calm dwellers of internet forums. The general call was, “how dare they replace our cool Dante for this puny emo kid?” But we actually quite like the new style. We also quite like the look of the recently shown combat. Check it out.

10:45 – One game that has delighted us at E3 is Skyrim, one of the most anticipated games in Attitude Towers. There’s a great gameplay demo for Skyrim on Gametrailers. The new engine is looking really polished, and it’s also set to be bigger than Oblivion, so if you only buy one game in a year, this can be the game for you.

10:40 – It may only be day two but we can’t remember a time before E3. There’s been plenty to digest, mostly good.

09:24 – Day two is about to kick off. On Majiesto’s agenda is THQ, Papo & Yo, Activision, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution and Bethesda.

June 7th

16:55 – Battlefield 3 plays beautifully is the word from our man. He says it’ll give Call of Duty a run for its money.

MW3 will sell millions no matter how good Battlefield 3 is, but we’d be surprised if there aren’t a fair few CoD fans about to change allegiances.

16:50 – Any EU readers interested in some free, family friendly MMO fun? Good news, Free Realms – that long delayed SOE game – will be with you soon. Details here.

16:00 – Majiesto is getting up close and person with Battlefield 3. The term “louder than war” may well apply.

14:40 – Want to read about the official PlayStation branded 3D TV? There’s an article for that.

14:35 – He’s also been chatting to the guys at Zen Studio. He’d love to share things with you but he’s been silenced.

14:30 – The latest word we’ve had from Majiesto is that he’s been spending some time with Sony Online Entertainment playing Payday. He says it looks similar to their recently canned game The Agency, but don’t rejoice just yet because he also says it’s very different. More on that later.

13:30 – One of the games Majiesto has been playing is Serious Sam. It’s very intense with hordes of enemies on the screen. Some aspects of it are reminiscent of Duke Nukem.

10:45 – Majiesto has been playing games on the floor, including Starhawk. Impressions will be with you as soon as he gets a free moment. That could be a while tho!

10:40 – New Move game Medieval Moves was announced at Sony’s conference yesterday. It’s from the guys who brought you Sports Champions, so you know they’ll use the tech well. We can’t see it keep our attention for long though. Have a look.

10:30 – Modern Warfare 3 was shown yesterday. It had explosions, lots of bullets flying around and on-rails sections. So very Modern Warfare then. Still very exciting to watch though. Have a look.

10:25 – In exciting news, Eurogamer are reporting that you will be able to transfar Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. ‘Transfarring’, a term coined by Kojima, is the idea of taking your game from your PS3 on the go with Vita.

10:20 – HD remakes of the PSP God of War games are on the way. Check out the trailers here.

10:15 – Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer here. Will it please those disappointed by XIII?

8:30 – We knew it was on the way, but it was great to finally have Sly 4 announced during the Sony conference. We also got a trailer. No actually gameplay sadly, but there some very nice CG footage. Check it out.

7:45 – We love Irrational Games. Who doesn’t? Well it’s good to know that Irrational loves us PS3 owners, too. Ken Levine took to the stage at Sony’s conference yesterday to announce Move support for BioShock Infinite and a new BioShock PS Vita game. Now that’s love. You can view the latest BioShock Infinite trailer here. Those skylines look a lot of fun.

7:40 – Miscrosoft’s conference didn’t have much that interested us. There was however a very nice Tomb Raider gameplay trailer, and you can view it here.

7:30 – One of the highlights to come out of the Sony conference was the announcement of Dust 514, a PS3 exclusive. View the trailer here.

6:10 – PixelJunk developer Q-Games announces PixelJunk SideScroller. A retro-style arcade shooter full of physics.

5:55 – We’re back in action again after being floored by yesterday’s Sony press conference. It started with Jack Tretton offering a humble apology and ended with an affordable retail price being disclosed for PS Vita (the official name of Sony’s next handheld). In between we saw great exlusives such as Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 and newly announced titles such as Dust 514. Sony even announced an official PlayStation branded 3D television that allows for split-screen gaming. The smart thing is that each player only sees one complete screen. Very impressive.

If you’re at all interested in what you’ll be playing for the next year and longer, we recommend you watch the conference. You can find a link to the Games Trailer video on our Sony conference live blog.

June 6th

16:20 – Sony conference up next. It’s the big one, and we expect this to be very big.

16:15 – The Ubisoft conference was a success, as you will know if you were following the Ubisoft conference live blog. Highlights were the announcement of Far Cry 3, the ship-burning trailer for Assassins’s Creed Revelations and the ace over-the-speed-limit driving of Driver: San Francisco. The new Rayman looks great, too, and we’re sure some people are looking forward to getting their Move on with Just Dance 3.

13:30 – I think we have to call that a success for EA. The only “what?” moment was for Need for Speed: The Run.

13:20 – EA signs off by saying they have the “best engine” and “best game”, coming to us with “no subscription fee”. Cheeky.

13:20 – Battlefield 3 is a great leap forward for shooters in terms of audio, rendering, movement, lighting, destruction and scale. Brief glimpse of multiplayer looks intense and the live singleplayer demo, in which we see troops drive across a huge barren desert before engaging in tank warfare, is leaving us absolutely stunned.

13:15 – New Insomniac game is called OverStrike. It follows a group of four mercenaries in the near future saving the world. Lots of action with a little bit of humour.

13:00 – We now have Kingdoms of Amalus: The Reckoning. 100% fantasy RPG, like a crossover between Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls. Very dramatic action sequences.

13:00 – Sports section continues with the new Madden. We have Clay Matthews (Green Bay Packers OLB), Peyton Hillis (Cleveland Browns RB) and Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens MLB) on stage.

12:55 – FIFA 12 now. Tactical defending, precision dribbling, and the much talked about “Impact Engine”. The Impact Engine allows for real-life collisions and true injuries, making it much more realistic. Will FIFA rule again this year? It’s looking likely.

12:50 – SSX appears on screen, looking pretty fine. Anyone worried that the series was about to go Black Ops serious, fear not. This looks fun. Three ways to play: race it, trick it and survive it.

12:40 – Need for Speed: The Run demo. It’s racing combined with QTE running sections. A good idea?

12:30 – EA conference begins with a Mass Effect 3 gameplay demo, which sees Shepherd take on a giant Reaper. It’s looking incredible. New melee system looks fantastic, too, especially as it means Shepherd can now wear a glove with an awesome retractable blade. Nice

11:30 – Things are about to explode with EA up next. Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12 and numerous more.

11:25 – Let’s hope the Sony conference doesn’t feature as many casual games as the Microsoft conference.

04:40 – Tim Moss, director of technology at Sony Santa Monica Studio, is teasing big things at E3. He tweeted: “#SMStudio has 8 games from our talented external teams at E3 this year. A shit load of devs worked really hard the last few weeks.” When asked to name the announced titles, he replied: “Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Sound Shapes, Journey + 4 others that are not yet announced.” What is the God of War studio working on?

June 5th

Drake and Sully team up in the newest co-op trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

June 4th

THQ’s E3 line-up: Metro: Last Light, MX vs. ATV ALive DLC, Saints Row: The Third, uDraw GameTablet, UFC Personal Trainer, UFC Undisputed 3, Warhammer 40,000: kill team, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, WWE 12.

Check out the Kojima Productions E3 site. Expect ‘transfarring’ to be a big topic at E3. Transfarring is the seamless linking up of console and portable gaming; the ability to leave your game on your PS3 and continue it on your PSP/NGP. Peace Walker will be the first game to feature transfarring. And we thought it couldn’t get any better.

An original Star Trek co-op adventure, featuring Kirk and Spock, is announced for E3. The game is being developed by Digital Extremes (Bioshock 2, The Darkness II), who plan to continue with the style introduced by J.J. Abrams.

EA are boasting a strong line-up for E3: Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Madden NFL 12, NCAA Football 12, Need for Speed: Run, NHL 12, SSX and (last but not least) The Sims 3 Pets. Will this be remembered as EA’s E3?

June 3rd

A trio of celebrated Konami franchises to be given the HD treatment

June 2nd
The undeniably unique ‘Papa & Yo’ announced as a PlayStation Network exclusive
The official Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 trailer gets an early release