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E3 11; Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer reveals new plot details

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 June 2011No Comment

Square Enix have released a brand new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer for E3, which reveals possible plot and character details about the sequel to one of last year’s best-selling games.

Set a few years after the events of the previous game, in Final Fantasy XIII-2 the survivors have decided to rebuild on Gran Pulse. Lightning is missing and presumed dead, and only Serah believes she is still alive.

Lightning’s younger sister, Serah Farron, featured in Final Fantasy XIII as an NPC, but in the sequel she will be much more prominent and even be a playable character.

The members of NORA also return, but Snow is nowhere to be seen. Although he is conspicously absent from the trailer, we think his popularity will make it very unlikely for him to not appear in the final gameat all.

Instead, the trailer introduces a new playable character called Noel, who rescues Serah after her town is attacked. The two then set off on a journey to discover the truth about what has happened to Lightning, who appears to be trapped in another world.

It’s certainly an interesting premise for Final Fantasy XIII-2, but the bad news is that we’ll have to wait until early 2012 before we can play it. Even so, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this game.