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Fallon toils through hot Battlefield 3 PS3 demo

Submitted by on Friday, 17 June 2011No Comment

Battlefield 3 looks mind-bogglingly good on a high spec PC. We’re not foolish. We know our PS3 version won’t look as nice. However, some have got twitchy of late because EA has kept console footage away from the public gaze. The people have asked, “will the console versions look decidedly average?”

Well, PS3 footage was shown for the first time yesterday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. DICE’s Johan Dohl and Kevin O’Leary took us through a gameplay demo set in a parking lot. We saw Battlefield 3’s destruction, as well as the big improvements for character animations. Solders now move much more fluently and certainly more realistically than before, thanks to the animations DICE borrowed from EA Sports’ FIFA team.

The good news for PS3 owners is that Battlefield 3 still looks helluva nice. As expected, there is a drop in quality with the lighting and rendering, but none of this is a shock. It’s still set to be one of the best looking games on the PS3. It also appears to be running very smoothly (something we value higher than more detailed textures). It’s also still away from completion so we can expect the quality to get even better. So rejoice everyone, it’s not yet time to ditch our PS3s for an expensive gaming rig.

Speaking of “still”; Jimmy Fallon still makes games look like hard work. We thought he’d have got some practise after his Uncharted 3 performance.

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