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FIFA 12 – Player Impact Engine trailer

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 June 2011One Comment

Every year the FIFA franchise brings us as close to the pitch as possible without the endowment of god-given talent or the hours of training necessary to experience personally theĀ fervorĀ of international football.

FIFA 12 looks to up the degree of realism this year with the introduction of the new Player Impact Engine.

EA Sports believes that the Player Impact Engine is the next evolution of their successful franchise. It is a brand-new physics based engine which will hopefully communicate the physicality of a match in a way that gamers have never experienced.

Of course the new engine means that gamers will see changes in practically every aspect of a match. Everything from dribbling to tackling has been infused with the new engine to deliver more weighted player interactions. Tackle a ball handler with the correct angle and speed and watch them take flight. On the contrary, finesse tactics and shoddy defending can be easily shrugged off.

Because of intense focus on the contact between players, injuries can now be precisely determined. The point and intensity of impact are measured to determine the type and significance of a given affliction.

Given that the FIFA series has a virtual strangle hold on the footy market, the fact that FIFA 12 is undergoing extensive alterations is somewhat remarkable.

All you footy players out there, how does the Player Impact Engine look? Don’t forget to check out the screenshots below.

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