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E3 11; Free Realms coming to EU soon

Submitted by on Wednesday, 8 June 2011One Comment

Today at E3, Sony Online Entertainment told us that Free Realms will be releasing in the EU soon. They were unwilling to give us an exact release date but did stress the word “soon”. So very vague, sure, but at least soon is sooner than later.

When Free Realms arrived on PCs in April 2009, we were told that a PS3 version was also in the works. We didn’t get a timeframe but we guessed it wouldn’t be far off – we were very naive back then. We never guessed it would take another two years for it to finally make its PS3 debut.

It was quite an event when SOE released Free Realms in North America back in March this year. We had long lost hope of it ever arriving, having been disappointed previously, but there it was: free family-friendly MMO action for all American PSN users.

Naturally, the next question on our lips was: when do we get it in the EU? Not another two years, right? Thankfully, it shouldn’t be that long, but an actual release date would’ve been nice. Ah well.

SOE also confirmed that global servers will be used.