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inFamous 2 – oh the powers we will get

Submitted by on Sunday, 5 June 2011One Comment

This week E3 rules the gaming universe but let’s not forget that one of the PS3’s flagship franchises is releasing a sequel. inFamous 2 will be available June 7th but there is definitely time left to amplify the anticipation for Cole McGrath’s return. This trailer highlighting some of the new powers awaiting gamers aims to do just that.

When we look back on 2011 it will undoubtedly have been one of the best years in video game history. Not many years have been as  consistently solid from January. In case that wasn’t enough E3, the week long celebration of all things video games, coincides with inFamous 2’s highly anticipated release.

Much more will be asked of Mr. McGrath this time around. Tougher enemies, new landscapes, the ‘beast’, etc. mean that he’s going to have to acquire some new powers in order to rise to the occasion.

If you recall inFamous proper was largely centered around Cole’s acquisition of abilities. inFamous 2 is likely to follow the same formula although we are unsure if that means you’ll be traversing through the sewers of New Marais to obtain some of the awesome new powers like the completely destructive ionic storm.

For more information on inFamous 2 check out our coverage of the all-new user-generated content feature or if your feeling nostalgic have another look at our review of the original game.